Being fashionable feels BIG

It feels, at times, unattainable.

Something that “other” people have time for… the people with more money, the people their lives together, the people without a couple of three foot tall style-suckers hanging from each leg, begging for more snacks and Daniel Tiger!

I get it!

I, too, go down the Instagram rabbit hole, feeling less than and questioning if my super rad, grandma floral Amelia dress is even cool anymore. But, you know what? It makes me feel like a hundred bucks. I wore it when I surprised my hubby with the news that we were having another baby and again to the gender reveal party. It’s special and beautiful and THAT, my friends, is being fashionable.

Renee Smith in Amelia Dress
Style Shown – Amelia Dress

When you get dressed each day, are you thinking about the latest trends hitting the hottest runways in Paris and New York? Have you been studying the up and coming designers to see what the next fashion craze is? Most likely, you are still wondering if black and navy can be worn together or you’re excited that the 90’s have made a comeback so you’ll totally be in style again.

90s style

Any designer will tell you that getting into the business is more than just creating clothes. It’s about telling a story and owning it. When you get dressed each day, what is your story? Do you even know? What do others perceive your story to be? Clothes are the illustrations to a story that only you can write.

Daily staples with subtle details.

Demure prints.

Elegantly tailored lines.

These tell the story of a woman who is wise and practical.

LulaRoe Carly Dress
Style Shown – Carly Dress

That doesn’t mean her life can’t be full of sass, as well. Bold prints, wild color, and an unmissable life – flamboyant and exciting.

LulaRoe Irma Tunic
Style Shown – Irma Tunic

The stories fashion experts are telling is just that. The 2018 runways are full of the demure AND the diva. You don’t have to choose or try to fit into some mold you see on Instagram. Take all the bits and pieces and put them together to tell your own, amazing story. Fashion is telling us to realize our voices, know our stories and OWN it!

Be subtle. Be sassy. Be YOU!

Tell us about your fashion story in the comments below!