We are so excited to have you here! We are two ladies with a passion for fashion and building community with women like you. Join us here each week to discover fashion trends, cultivate confidence, play with style, and take a peek into our crazy lives as BFF mompreneurs.

The name Subtle and Sass represents our different styles and why we are such great friends and business partners:

Renee is always the life of the party, but fashion-wise she sticks to the Subtle. She is savvy with staple pieces and her look strikes the perfect balance between simple and chic. Solids, stripes, and mellow prints are Renee’s go-tos. She has a knack for dressing up and making every piece shine.

Kat is a self-described nerd who loves a good board game and an organized spreadsheet, but when it comes to fashion she brings the Sass. Bold prints, bright colors, and fun accessories are her favs. Kat likes to play with pattern-mixing and new fashion trends. Her confidence soars when she’s rocking her sassy haircut, fab LuLaRoe, and a cute pair of shoes.

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It doesn’t matter what you wear; your style is about how you feel. We want your clothes to make you feel amazing. What’s your style? Tell us in the comments! Do you celebrate the Subtle, the Sass, or something else?