Um…hello!?! Your flight leaves in 12 hours and you have packed ZERO..NADA…NOTHING!

My inner voice yells at me so loudly that I swear my husband is going to hear her. Then again, he’s sleeping peacefully, bags packed neatly in the corner as they have been for at least a week now. I swear he has a little smirk on his face.

Renee's smirky husband

Ugh..why do I always do this? I’m a Packer Procrastinar Extraordinaire. Somehow, I get to my destination with clothing (most of the time….just wait for that story!) but I’m not always the most prepared. I usually end up with WAY too many clothes. Do you feel me?

Or are you like my smirky husband over there already dreaming of his toes in the sand?

Either way, travel season is upon us and off we jet (or drive, or boat) to destinations around the globe. You’re either cramming the minivan full for a camping excursion with the WHOLE family…

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

…or packing for a fun-in-the-sun, family-free destination with just the girlfriends.

A busy mom's guide to stress free travel

The same holds true, packing is not only an ART but it’s practically like taking one of those Gifted and Talented tests. Excellent spatial awareness is required to make sure your latest shoe binge makes the cut.

Gifted and Talented…I am not.
Nor, Packer Perfectionist.

But when it comes to traveling, I’m your girl. You’ll find me camping in the deep woods for a week with a toddler and newborn, or hopping in the car with said children for a 60… yes, I said 60! …hour road trip from Charleston to Michigan to Arkansas and back to Charleston just to visit our incredible babysitters (ahem.. I mean family).

My hubby and I recently escaped, child free, to Mexico after 6 LONG years and it was GLORIOUS. When I’m not scooting across the country with my family, I enjoy attending LuLaRoe trainings at our home office in Cali or stealing away for an overnight mama’s night out with my tribe downtown. At times, it feels as though I am living out of a suitcase.

Therefore, I’m thoroughly confident in the packing tips I’m about to share.

A busy mom's guide to stress free travel

6 Packing Tips to Make Your Travel a Breeze

  1. Visualize: Not a trip goes by that I haven’t sat in silence to visualize exactly what might happen. I close my eyes (try REALLY hard to stay awake) and pretend I’m at my destination. What might I be doing? What are the possible scenarios?

    Just before writing this, I was putting my kids to bed and visualizing our camping trip this weekend. I see them bored and bugging me so I whip out a bottle of bubbles and off they go until dinner time.


    I see me freezing in the tent in the morning and sweating by lunch. Layers are a must…

    Leggings… ✔

    Carly Dress… ✔

    Sarah Cardigan… ✔(a solid one that I can throw over all of my outfits as it gets chilly)

    A busy mom's guide to stress free travel
    A solid Sarah Cardigan is the perfect piece to have with you no matter where you travel! Goes with everything and keeps you warm in those chilly airports and car rides.

  2. Make a list: Once you’ve visualized all of the ins and outs of your trip, take this tip from my friend, packer phenomenon, Amy at She recommends making two lists.

    » A list of everything you need to do before you leave.
    » A list for everything you need to pack.

    It feels great to check off each item and see what you’re accomplishing! I think she has something really valuable here. This is why she’s the professional and I’m the one who forgets her luggage. Just wait….that story, or shall I say, hot-mess tale, is coming.

    Read more of Amy’s tips here:

  3. Choose wisely: As you plan your outfits, think about the fabrics just as much as how cute you’re going to look. LuLaRoe materials are magic. Our ITY fabric or what some of refer to as “that slinky material” is a traveler’s dream. It doesn’t wrinkle, molds into pretty much any shape that you need it to and comes out pristine. My favorite is the ITY Madison Skirts because they can be dressy or casual AND they have pockets! Perfect for your hotel key, baby’s binky or dark chocolate… to help you survive just one more hour in the car.

    A busy mom's guide to stress free travel
    My favorite Madison Skirt made of ITY material

  4. Lay it all out there: My husband is always conked out when I’m packing so he has no idea that I lay all of my outfits on top of him as I’m deciding what to keep and what to leave behind. It’s like solving a rubix cube. If this piece doesn’t line up with at least two other pieces, it’s out. Having a good mix of neutrals and patterns makes solving the puzzle much easier. Once you’ve decided on your outfits and confirmed that you can create a plethora of other outfits with those key pieces, the most important decisions are ready to be made.


    Or you could just bring a whole other suitcase for them…let’s just decide to bring all the shoes. Ha!

    A busy mom's guide to stress free travel

  5. Stuff it in: Just kidding…well, kind of. Stuff it in, neat and orderly. Some say roll, some say bag it.

    I prefer to create outfits (top, pants, undies and socks) for my kids and put them in a bag for each day when we are camping. Otherwise, the clothes are strewn all over the tent. They just grab and go and once the clothes are filthy, I toss them back in the ziploc for when we get home. When jetting off for training or couple time, I pack my outfits together and prefer to roll them.

    »Quick tip: Keep jewelry from tangling and breaking by rolling it right up in the outfit.«

  6. Last but not least…
    Don’t forget your luggage!

    Once upon a time, I packed the most epic bag. It was full of the cutest outfits ever. I actually packed this bag days before instead of just hours. Shocking…I know.

    This was a very important moment because I was traveling to meet my long distance boyfriend (now hubby) for the first time. We met online, had been chatting for months and finally decided to meet. I’d be at my hotel and him at his own. Responsible, I know…he’s an Eagle Scout so I figured he wasn’t too crazy (although 9 years later I’m starting to wonder.)

    I digress…back to my epic packing failure.

    After a 5 hour drive, I arrive at my hotel, gleefully skip to my trunk (not really but it sounds better), open it slowly, and staring back at me is a deep, black, void… and a car jack that I have no idea how to use.

    Of course I thought my suitcase had been stolen somehow but I hadn’t stopped. That’s when I could see it, clear as day, sitting in my bedroom… 5 hours away. With no time to shop before our first date, I was forced to woo this man in my Westwood Wolves, casual Friday T-Shirt and jeans that all teachers got to wear if we donated $1 to the library.


    Apparently it worked like a charm because here we are… him, snoring away happily while I’m still the hot mess packer I ever was. Except now, he takes my bag to the car for me. 😉

    I may be a Packer Procrastinator but I sure can help you put together some perfect outfits for your upcoming trip! Just contact me here.

Do you have any packing tips or travel fails you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!