“Welcome to my LuLaRoom! Let me show you around,” I excitedly say to a LuLaNewbie who dropped in to shop for her first time. “Let’s start with my all-time favorite staple piece, the Cassie pencil skirt.”

Her eyes instantly drop and start to wander, searching the other racks for a style she can wear.

Undeterred, I explain that the Cassie pencil skirt is my favorite because it’s incredibly comfortable, versatile, and flatters all figures.

She laughs and then states, “I can’t wear one of those.” The reasons pour out:

“I have a pooch.”

“I don’t like my legs.”

“They don’t come in my size.”

“I’m too old to dress like that.”

“They’re so restrictive and uncomfortable.”

Most of the women who shop with me hesitate or initially refuse to try on a pencil skirt. I used to suffer from pencil skirt phobia too, so I get it. Pencil skirts have a reputation of being tight in all the wrong places, difficult to move in, and uncomfortable. Pencil skirts are not considered everyday, every-woman wear. We think they are stuffy and dull like the long, wobble-inducing, straight-cut, slit-up-the-back polyester pieces of our grandmothers’ generation. Or we think they are short and tight, designed for someone in her early 20s with a six pack.

So what about me? Here I am in my 30s, total mom-bod, hoping for a balance between functional and fabulous when it comes to fashion. I need to be able to run after my screaming child in the grocery store, bend over to pick up up a million tiny Leggos, and plop down in the middle of the sidewalk to offer kisses for scraped knees. I ALSO need to feel confident and comfortable as I interact with the world. Plus, with a modest clothing budget, I need pieces that can transform from casual to professional to dressy easily.

The pencil skirt induced fears of my new friend are familiar to me, so I put on my game face. THIS is my moment! I am about to change this woman’s life, or at least her wardrobe, and she doesn’t even know it.

With my invisible LuLaCape on, I muster up all the encouragement I can and say, “Just try it on! You don’t even have to come out of the dressing room if you are uncomfortable. Try it paired with a longer top, like the Perfect tee or Irma tunic. Trust me. You may surprise yourself!”

She looks at me as if I had just told her childbirth was easy. She doesn’t believe me, but she humors me and saunters off to the dressing room, Cassie skirt and matching top in hand.

Meet the LuLaRoe Cassie: the unicorn of all pencil skirts. Cassies come in super stretchy fabrics, the full rainbow of solids, and thousands of on-trend prints. The Cassie pencil skirt is knee length with a six inch, foldable waistband that ensures perfect fit for tall and short women alike. Cassies gently hug your curves and stay in place, keeping you comfortable all day. Cassies are available in women’s XXS to 3XL. This is the pencil skirt for EVERY woman. The Cassie skirt is designed for YOU.

Cassie Skirt

Cassie Skirt

A few moments later my shopper sneaks out of the changing area and I pretend not to notice. She kicks her legs to test the insane stretch of the liverpool fabric. As she silly-walks over to the full length mirror I smile, knowing what’s about to happen.

Her eyes light up! She spins and looks, checking herself out from all angles. She holds her head up and glows with confidence. She tells me she feels beautiful, for the first time in a long time.

This story has happened more times than I can count in my little in-home boutique. You may even be one of the ladies who learned that you CAN rock a pencil skirt. These moments of LuLaMagic are what feed me and keep me going as a fashion retailer.

Cassie Skirt

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe Sarah Procunier

Cassie Skirt

Cassie Skirt

Cassie Skirt

Photo Credit: LuLaRoe Noel Jolly

Cassie Skirt

Cassie Skirt

Do you have pencil skirt phobia? Tell me what’s holding you back! Where are my LuLaRoe Cassie fans?? What made you fall in love?

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