Close the bar. Make sure it’s locked. Things are about to get cray!

I always loved a good carnival ride as a teenager. That’s why, when I crawled into the seat on the Spinning Spider of Death with my bestie, I was exhilarated.

Up…up…up the Spider legs went.

With a hard jerk they came to a halt before beginning to spin uncontrollably around and around. Like earth spinning on its axis, as it also spins around the sun. The dizziness began to set in and I began to pass out. Fifty feet in the air, with just a loose bar to hold you in, is NOT where you want to be when your body decides it’s had enough. Had my best friend not held on to me with everything her little 15 year old self had, I may not be here writing this today. Okay, maybe just a little over dramatic but my mom would say that’s the story of my life.

I couldn’t think of a better analogy for life as a LuLapreneur (like entrepreneur…in case you are still trying to sound it out). The day Kat and I decided to start our own business was the most exhilarating day of my life. I had NO IDEA what was in store for me. The insane highs, the scary lows, and the endless spinning of plates…hundreds of plates. And how my best friend would be there for me time and time again.

LuLaRoe is such a new company. In five short years, our founder, went from selling homemade maxi skirts out of the trunk of her car to running a billion dollar company that has changed the lives of tens of thousands of women (and men..hey, LuLaBros!!). Kat and I have been two of the aforementioned lives changed. You know those moments that are so seemingly insignificant but you, for some reason, can’t forget them? Maybe it was because I had never heard of such a word…

Loo La Roo?



But on a playdate, three years ago, when Kat asked a complete stranger if she was “that LuLaRoe girl”, I was immediately intrigued. This girl was going to bring clothes to my house?? Cute, comfy and affordable clothes and I could get some free?? Sign me up!

Life As A LuLapreneuer
My first LuLaRoe piece, a Nicole Dress. I’ve been in love with the clothes ever since!

You know how my friend saved me on that carnival ride? Little did I know that Kat’s words, “want to go in business together?” would save me again. At that time in my life, BL (before LuLa), I was a wreck! I was totally lost as a mother and wife. I had NOTHING for me. Self-care wasn’t even on my radar.

Thinking back, I was a real pain to be around…always moping and blaming. Even though my husband would frequently insist that I get a hobby, I had every excuse not to. I’m not sure what it was about Kat’s proposal that forced me out of my major funk but there we were, just a few weeks later, sitting in a living room full of inventory and trying not to keep it all ourselves.

Life As A LuLapreneuer
Our initial order…

Because we were both pregnant and had toddlers to chase around, we saw our business more as a hobby than a full time gig. Soon, however, helping others look and feel amazing and actually getting paid to do it became a bit addicting. Remember how I said I had NO life and my hubby begged me to get a hobby? This was the hobby of my DREAMS! Everything I absolutely love- Fashion, Friendship, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, all rolled into one gorgeous LuLaRoe package. I still rip open the new shipments like my five year old opens Christmas presents…it’s just all so beautiful and unique!

Like any great carnival ride, there are highs and lows…thrilling moments, like getting our initial inventory and donating over $18,000 to local charities, make me feel like a freaking rockstar.

Then – no lie – five minutes later, I’m wallowing in mom guilt or self doubt.

As a LuLapreneur, there is no manual. There’s no one doing the work for you. Every day is a new day and you are required to hustle if you want to stay in the game. Sometimes that means trying to pay my five year old 50 cents to play with her brother so I can finish one more email. Sometimes that means just going with it when aforementioned five year old, burst into my live video and loudly declares that she has to poop. True story. These are more comical examples but it’s not always roses when I’m super stressed, planning an event and afraid that NO ONE will come. Too often I doubt my ability, my creativity, my choices, and my role as a mom.

Life As A Lulapreneur
Collin, on the day he was born. I swear it’s a smile and not gas.

But what I remind myself is that LuLaRoe has GIVEN me a role as a mom. If not for this blessing, I’d be teaching other people’s children a minimum of 40 hours a week and missing out on the lives of my own babies. I’d miss my daughter singing Frozen tunes ten million times a day or my son pulling me away from the computer to pretend I’m Fireman Sam. I’d miss them running naked all over the house yelling “Naked Baby Dance Party!” and midday snuggles at naptime. And most importantly, I’d miss ME. LuLaRoe helped me bring her back. All that confidence and creativity I lost, along with my mind, when I first became a mom.

Life as a LuLapreneur is HARD but worth every bit of hustle, gumption and determination. I thank my business partner and friend for holding me on this ride just when I’m about to fall.

Day in and day out, I get to do WHAT I love and be WITH the people I love.

Life As A LuLapreneuer
My loves! We actually got it together for a family photo (Styles shown – LuLaRoe Carly and LuLaRoe Mimi)
Pic credit: Sea Star Arts Photography

Want a glimpse into a typical day??

  • 5:00am – Wake up to a shrill voice yelling from the stairs “Fireman Sam! Rescue me!!”
  • 5:05am – Finally roll out of bed and plop my son in front of the Fireman Sam show.
  • 6:30am – Drink three shots of espresso and plan my revenge once my kids are teens. Bullhorn. 5am.
  • 7:00am – Shower..if I’m lucky.
  • 8:00am – Feed the lovely early risers their third breakfast of the morning while I catch up on all the overnight LuLa news and shopper requests.
  • 9:00am – Mom’s Morning Out drop off (Two mornings a week, the kiddos are gone and mama can think)!
  • 9:30am-12:00 – Meet a few customers at the shop for a Mini Pop-up (mimosas-check, snacks-check, free leggings-check, 90’s music-check).
  • 1:00pm – Kiddos fed and possibly napping. Again…if I’m lucky.
  • 1:30pm – LuLaRoe Home Office call- hear about the new launches! Freak out with excitement.
  • 2:30-5:00pm – Jump on the trampoline, play connect four, color, attempt to clean the house (haha) and answer customer inquiries.
  • 5:00pm – Style Lounge Appointment – help a newly pregnant mama find long lasting outfits during pregnancy and beyond.
  • 6:00pm – 8:00pm- Dinner (Boxed Mac and Cheese is my specialty) and family time.
  • 8:30pm -11pm – Facebook Live with Kat. Showing off what’s new in the shop, planning meeting, packing for pop-ups or invoicing customers.
  • 11:30pm- Lights Out…
  • 5:00am – FIREMAN SAM!!

Do you feel like your life is a carnival ride sometimes? Tell me which one and why!