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Meet Kat!

Kat Martin - Author of Subtle and Sass

Who are your heros?
Hands down my top two are my mom and grandmother. Both have shown me the value of working hard, having courage, and being generous. They have always used their many talents to serve others. When I was younger, my mom worked for nonprofits, coordinating big events and fundraisers. She included me in the work and celebrations, which spurred me on to now host my own! My grandmother is a talented craftswoman, creating the most beautiful quilts, jewelry, and more. I like to think I got my artistic eye and entrepreneurial spirit from her.

What do you do for fun?
I like to laugh with my hubby, crush the competition in a nerdy board game or a round of foosball, and hang out one-on-one with my kiddos. I enjoy a good night out with friends just as much as a night in binging Netflix and eating all things chocolate.

What’s your style?
When you spot me around town I’ll be rocking bold prints, bright colors, and super fun accessories. I have always loved to play with fashion! My favorite gift as a kid was a huge dress-up box my mom put together with 80s prom dresses, costume jewelry, and high heels. As a teen in the emo/punk crowd, my fav look was a pair of green plaid pants with a fairy print top and bright blue chucks. (My mom still laughs about this!) In my early years as a mama, I defaulted to t-shirts and yoga pants. I was all function and no fashion. LuLaRoe gave me back my sass and allowed me to be comfy, cute, playful, and bold once again. My confidence has soared and that’s what style is all about.

What feeds your soul?
Beach walks, mountain hikes, great music, yoga, connecting deeply with other mamas, creating, and making a difference.

What’s your favorite part about being a LuLaRoe retailer?
So many things! Where do I start? I love being my own boss, creating everything from scratch, and working with my bestie. Each connection with an incredible woman in our community makes my day. Every opportunity we’ve had to use this business to give back is a huge blessing. My boys seeing me excited about my work means the world to me.

What’s your biggest challenge as a mompreneur?
Balance. It’s basically impossible and it often feels like failure on all fronts. It also often leaves me putting my personal needs last.

How has this business changed you?
My confidence has grown more than I ever expected. When we started, I planned to remain in the background, letting Renee handle the sales and face-to-face part of the business. I was scared to do anything risky or unknown and I let my fear hold me back for a long time. Thanks to Renee’s adventurous spirit and some personal challenges in my life, I busted out of my comfort zone and fell in love with every part of this business. I also, of course, fell in love with having a closet full of incredible outfits. They help me feel great and express that confidence to the world. It is my mission to see this confidence develop in other women too.

What’s on your bucket list?
Some highlights include: a trip to Europe with my hubby, a hot air balloon ride with my oldest, and - as terrifying as it sounds - speaking to a room of 1,000+ people about something important to me.

Mama friends since 2012 and business partners since 2015, we love working together to help women look and feel incredible every day. This business is a fun blend of our unique styles. Get to know us better.